Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Carrying on....

We hear it said occasionally by someone who gets it... that,  "We were lucky enough to be the care taker of this plane for a short time".   What is it about old airplanes, that captivate us so?

 Old Airplanes... Through Time and Generations
Kindred souls are drawn to these majestic old man-made flying machines,
which God uses to touch our lives.
They capture our hearts. They carry us aloft and beyond the constraints
of normal existence.
Through the miracle of vintage flight God shows us
a glimpse of His heavenly Glory. 
And so we experience a freedom shared by only a 
select and blessed few.
Old airplanes bring men together in unique ways and establish an
unspoken bond and lasting experiences.
Memories such as these span through time causing us to see these old airplanes
as more than mere material objects.
We pour our selves into rebuilding and maintaining
them to preserve them in newness.
In doing so, we reach out to others who have also passed this way
or who enjoy the thrill of keeping history alive,
And for the lucky ones who understand, we carry on faithfully 
that we may pass them through time and generations.
We discover that the true blessings are not the airplanes themselves.
It really is all about the people
And we travel in old airplane time machines building friendships and memories... 
through time and generations.

I dedicate this posting to my dad, John Bowden and others who've passed and who followed their dreams and shared them with me.  And I look forward to some future postings where I get to share some of the lifelong friendship stories and memories that have blessed me and my family.

One of those friendships, I will share with you now... Kelly Mahon.  Here is a cool photo shot by one of our mutual friends, Michelle Diaz.  This photo speaks to both Kelly and I as we "carry on" in both our dad's footsteps.  That's a story for another posting, but this photo is the cause for this post title and for triggering my thoughts today..... "Carrying on"

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dad's Service in the USAF

Today, this Veteran's Day 2015, I have enjoyed sharing some interesting photos with my son.  They are all relating to my dad's (John Ryburn Bowden) years of service in the USAF.  My 24 year-old son, Benny Bowden, showing interest in his Grandfather makes me realize how important it is to share what little I know about my Dad so that his life story may continue for future generations to know.

Dad did not tell me a lot about his military service, but here's a few things I learned from him and my mother.

His military career started in 1951 as an ROTC student in the Corps while at Texas A&M College.  After graduation, he remained in the USAF reserves while teaching High School Ag class until he was called to active service in 1955.  My sister Kay had been born by this time as they were stationed for a time in Montana.  My brother Eddie was born that year and soon dad was reassigned to service in Korea.

Dad attending a meeting of the Rotary International Service organization while in Korea

Dad always downplayed his role in Korea, arriving there after the war ended, he said he was there during the clean up efforts after the war was over.  He told me he had participated in efforts to salvage instruments and equipment from crashed airplanes.

Most of his Korea stories related to his "Off" time when he enjoyed going Pheasant hunting and and trying to fight boredom around the base.  He was part of a team who built a u-control B-29 Superfortress.  He said it flew well in a large parking lot until one of its flyers lost control and it flew into a parked vehicle.

In 1957 back in the States, Dad was assigned to the Dallas Air Defense Filter Center.  There he was in charge of commanding the radar test operations.  He once told me they would send out large squadrons of Beechcraft Bonanzas throughout the southern United States to test radar efficiency to see how low they would have to fly to slip under radar contact.  This was during the Cold War efforts by the military to provide a security net of radar coverage across the nation.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Looking to Swap - Robin Radiator for OX-5

I recently received this from Mark Lightsey of Aerocraftsman
Hi Terry,
I recently purchased an OX-5 plus a Robin radiator with the shutter
assembly from an estate sale.  If you know of anyone in need of the radiator
assembly, please send them my way. I'd be willing to sell it, but would rather
trade for a Travel Air Hisso radiator. 
Mark Lightsey

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