Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Curtiss Robin NR82H Refueling Adventures

Equipped from the factory as a refueler for endurance flying - July 1929, Curtiss Robin NR82H sn 434 served as supply ship to various endurance flyers through 1932.

This post is to provide a record of the most significant flights as a tanker. 


The first was as refueler to the Missouri Robin, which made a respectable attempt, at 117 Hours.





August 1929

NR82H with Spokane Sun God: Refueling Video Out-takes - Fox Movietone News



 Photo edited for Mobiloil Fuel Advertisement



NR82H with the I.J. Fox: Women's Refueled Endurance Record 1932 - Louise Thaden / Frances Marsalis 

This link provides a nice tribute to this historic flight in August 1932.






Louise Thaden's manuscript, "The Flying Boudoir", graciously shared from her son, Bill Thaden.




Today, We are going through this grand ol' Robin and hope to return her to her glorious flying status again soon.

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