Monday, July 4, 2011

Monocoupes and Other Light Monoplanes of 1928

Thinking ahead to this year's theme aircraft (the Monocoupe) for the 40th AAA/APM Fly-in at Antique Airfield, I wanted to share these interesting images from Aviation Magazines of 1928. That year, it seemed that many new aircraft manufacturers were looking to tap into a speculative market for sporty lightweight private airplanes.

Undeniably, the open-cockpit biplane designs had a solid hold on this market due to a proven safety record in the flying-minded public eye. So, attempting to sell monoplane designs was surely a risky venture. But by the late twenties, monoplanes had begun to prove themselves. It might have been the successful transatlantic flight of Charles Lindbergh in his Ryan "Spirit of St. Louis" that finally began to turn the tide of acceptance toward monoplanes. Whatever it was, some of these 1928 models stood the test of time; perhaps none more successfully than the Monocoupes.

Other 1928 Light Monoplanes

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