Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guest Post - The Top 5 Advances in Avionics

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The following is a short article by Philip J. Reed, titled "The Top 5 Advances in Avionics".  I have agreed to post this article, although Barnstmr's Random Aeronautics neither endorses nor intends to promote Redstone College, Cirrus, Chelton Flight Systems, or any of the companies mentioned.  The topic is intriguing to me on several levels. Increasingly, these new avionics technologies are finding their way in general aviation and in antique airplanes. And so I believe it is pertinent to the readers of Barnstmr's Random Aeronautics who primarily have interests in vintage airplanes and general aviation.

I am requesting feedback from our readers.  Please click the "Post a Comment" link below and write to tell your experience with old airplanes and avionics equipment.  Please give your opinion on the following:

1. Have you seen, flown, maintained, or noticed any of these 5 types of avionics equipment in old airplanes? If so, tell us which ones and the type of airplanes.

2. Do you think these devices (portable or installed) take anything away from the "vintage" flying experience?

3. Have you experienced an event in which one of these devices improved (or might have improved) the operational safety of the aircraft or the intended flight mission?

4. Have you experienced an event in which one of these devices caused a problem?  (anonymous responses are recommended here).

5. Which of these devices would you consider a "must" for the old airplane of your choice?  Why?

Thanks for your participation in my poll.  TLB

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