Thursday, August 30, 2012

1927 Curtiss Robin model B Kermit Weeks

I first got the chance to view this wonderfully restored 1927 Curtiss Robin model B in the early 1990s.  On a visit with Lynn Towns, he took me over to an airport (somewhere near Detroit MI) and there sat this beautiful OX Robin.  It was clear to me that this airplane has certainly been blessed with detailed craftsmanship nearing perfection.  I never got the chance to visit with its restorer, Henry Haigh, but tried to remain aware of this Robin.  Sometimes that's hard to do.

All photos by Rick Reeves, Metal Specialist, Fantasy of Flight Museum
Various friends who knew of Henry and his airplane reported to me over the years that Henry still had the Robin in Michigan.  Then finally in about 2004 I corresponded with Henry and he told me that the airplane was being moved to Florida.  He donated the Robin to Kermit Weeks for active flight display in the Fantasy of Flight Museum.

Fast forward to August 2012 and this airplane showed up on Facebook.  Kermit recently took the Robin out for some in-flight fun. He has graciously agreed to share with us some information, the coolest of which is this short unlisted YouTube video (provided exclusively for our audience at Barnstmr's Random Aeronautics) of Kermit flying in the Robin.  What a treasure!!

Thanks to Kermit and Fantasy of Flight Productions for sharing this great video.  The Video Link and photos here were sent to us by Phil Zizza, who is the Head of Production for Fantasy of Flight Productions. Scroll down to the end of this posting to see Phil's email.

See also, Kermit's Blog for his story of his long-standing friendship with Henry Haigh and the acquisition of the Robin.

******** Email *************************************

Hello Terry,

Kermit Weeks asked that I get in touch with you about some photos and video on his Curtiss Robin.We are in the process of creating a video on the planes recent activities out at Fantasy of Flight. When that video is completed and posted to Fantasy of Flight's Youtube channel, we will send you the link. In the meantime, we have put together a short 30 second teaser video of the plane on an unlisted Youtube link.

You can use this link immediately on your site, if you so choose, till the full version is up. (Within next few weeks) I've also attached four photos of the plane. There is also a couple of photos and some side information on his blog...  If you should need anything else, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. We appreciate your interest in the Curtiss Robin plane, Kermit Weeks and Fantasy of Flight.

Great website blog by the way. Really enjoyed it.

Phil Zizza
Head of Production
Fantasy of Flight Productions

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