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The St. Louis Robin Family

One of the greatest joys we had while the St. Louis Robin was in our care was the opportunity to meet some of the descendants of Forrest O'Brine and Dale Jackson.  It is quite a thrill to me that one of the O'Brine family (grand daughter - Pat) tracked the airplane down through much efforts in research of family ancestry and called me out of the blue in July 2014.  What's even more amazing, just two weeks later, I got a call from one of the Jackson family (grand niece - Clarine) after a totally separate ancestry search of her own.  Both were absolutely fascinated that they might have a chance to see the actual airplane their ancestors used to become famous way back, 86 years ago.

Our favorite Robin Pilot, Kelly Mahon was so happy to share Robin flight time with these wonderful people.

Descendants of Forrest O’Brine

Pat Holoyda  - from Macon GA.  Forrest O'Brine's grand-daughter.  First contacted me in July 2014.  Rode in St. Louis Robin at Tick Hill Airfield 11/15/2014 and viewed St. Louis Robin at Tick Hill Airfield 03/14/2015.   Pat doesn't send emails, however I have received numerous cards and letters from her since we first got into contact.  She was instrumental in researching the ancestry trail that led her to find the airplane and later tell her siblings about it.  Pat gathered everyone here to see the Robin twice while we had it at Tick Hill Airfield.

Terry Jackson - Forrest O'Brine's grand-daughter viewed St. Louis Robin at Tick Hill Airfield 11/15/2014.  Here is a picture of her (wearing black) with her sister Pat and the Robin.  Interesting that her last name is Jackson.  Small world.
   Dear Terry,   You are quite the Curtiss Robin aeronautical expert!  I enjoyed viewing your online pictures.  Thank you for your kind invitation to view the plane flown by Forrest and Dale.  My sister, Pat, has contacted me and plans to attend.  As I live in Denton, TX, I will accompany her.  Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness.   I do feel compelled to tell you, as Forrest died in June of 1944 and my six siblings and I were born in the 1950's and 1960's we never actually met him.  We honestly were totally unaware of the biological connection until just a few years ago when my youngest sister, Jackie, did some genealogical research. It would appear my grandmother, Sylvia, and Forrest separated(?) divorced (?) soon after my father was born.  She remarried shortly thereafter, and I do not believe my father, Robert, had any contact with Forrest after that time.  He never relayed the connection to my mother or any of his children.  It would appear the stigma of a divorce was not the topic of conversation in the 1920's.   I just thought you may want to know a tiny bit of the family background.  None of which takes away from Mr. O'Brien's (he apparently used this spelling as well) accomplishments.   Again, thank you for your invitation and I look forward to meeting you in November.   Terry Jackson 

Tim Doyle (Timothy Lawrence Doyle) - Forrest O'Brine's grand-son viewed St. Louis Robin at Tick Hill Airfield 03/14/2015. Attended AAA/APM Fly-in and Rode in St. Louis Robin Sept. 2015.  After Blakesburg called to tell me that he has decided to get into flying and wants to buy a vintage airplane to carry on the family legacy with his descendants.
   Terry ,   Thank you for your input. It makes more sense to look for something that can be flown rather than worked on.   I'd have gotten back to you sooner but I have been busy... having logged about 19 hours of duel flight instruction to date, and started ground school last Saturday. I'm having a little trouble with my landings. Though my final can be pretty much right on the money, I seem to be over compensating as I near my flare. I haven't been flying in the greatest conditions, (windy, gusty and even some light snow and rain) I guess I'm not feeling it in the seat of my pants yet. I'm scheduled for four more outings this week, hopefully I'll continue to improve.   What's going on with the Robin? Have you shipped it yet?   Take care. I will keep you informed of my progress as I continue my training. If you have any tips... I'd be interested to hear them.   Regards,  Tim


He's got the bug!!!  We look forward to seeing Tim again at some of the antique airplane fly-ins.

Sharon Quinn (and Husband Bob) - Sharon is O'Brien's grand daughter.   Viewed St. Louis Robin at Tick Hill Airfield 03/28/2015 
Bob and Sharon Quinn
Grafton, WI

Dale Jackson’s Descendants

Clarine ‘Skipp’ Andresen  - First Contacted me 8/14/2014.  Dale Jackson’s Grand Niece.  Viewed St. Louis Robin while disassembled in our Shop in August 2014.  Rode in St. Louis Robin at Tick Hill Airfield 11/15/2014 and viewed St. Louis Robin at Tick Hill Airfield 03/14/2015Attended AAA/APM Fly-in and Rode in St. Louis Robin Sept. 2015.  
   Terry, I live in Richardson TX and you bet I'll be down there sooon!!!! In fact, I recently had the curator at the Rice Co Museum in Faribault track down where the plane went!! It is a long story, but the broker told her it was currently at a restorer in TX, then last night, I ran across your blog. Today I am on Cloud 9!! Dale married Sally Lockrem, who was my grandma's sister. They were married in June 1929 and had no kids. I got interested in Red after Aunt Sally had died, so have been plugging at this myself. I can't wait til late Sept! Let's set up something sooner. That is interested about the O'Brine connection. I also have been in touch with a "cousin", the granddaughter of Dale's half brother, and she is very interested too. She is in Oregon and I am trying to interest her in coming down. ****
     Hi Terry,   Wanted to thank you and your family for showing us the “St. Louis Robin” and memorabilia last week and for being so generous with your time.  Also thanks so much for the scrapbook.  I am finding the articles very interesting, not quite thru them all yet, but working my way.  I have attached the obit for Red.  It is not really an obit, but more of a news story.  I also have a very long one which I will have to bring when we come back, as it is too long to fit in my scanner.  It has the actual funeral service that the minister gave and is an interesting viewpoint.  I could not find anything about Red ever flying with Freddy Lund in anything I have here, and Freddy was not a pall bearer.    As I have given more thought to the SL Robin leaving the US, the more aligned I have become with the guys that feel it should remain here.  If anything materializes out of that, could you let me know?     One of the articles in the scrapbook has some incorrect info I thought I’d mention.  It is the magazine article entitled “From Motorcycle Tinkerers to Endurance Flying Champions – “ it says that Red and Sally had been married about 2 years.  It actually was about 2 weeks.  The 2 year thing leaked out in the St. Louis paper too; either someone was joking or it was a misunderstanding.  The magazine article also says that Ma and Pa Jackson arrived too late to see the flight, but actually they arrived in St. Louis on July 26 (1929) and were able to witness over a week of the endurance flight.  Their pilot was Howard Deichen of MN and they flew in an identical Robin called “The Spirit of Faribault”.  They actually flew alongside the endurance plane for awhile and Ma Jackson kept motioning Red to go down and he kept shaking his head NO!!!  And the article says O'Brine was born in Stanhope IA, but actually it was Red that was born in Stanhope, IA and O’Brine was born in IL.  Not that any of it matters too much, but it is good to have correct info!   Do you have a projected date yet for when the pilot will be able to be there and she will be flying?   We were very impressed with your restoration work and so glad to see that the plane will be flying again.  The plane could not be in any better hands than yours.  It is impossible for me to put into words how I felt last Sunday ~
Thanks again ~ Skipp Andresen *** 

Susan Jackson  - Oregon,  granddaughter of Dale's half brother viewed St. Louis Robin at Tick Hill Airfield 03/14/2015.  There's no mistaking that "Red" Jackson bloodline whenever you see and spend time around Susan!
     Hi Terry! I am Red Jackson's great niece from Oregon that Skipp Andresen has mentioned. I would very much like to fly out to Texas and take a look at the plane sometime in November if that is o.k.  I am so excited about making the trip and meeting you, Skipp and the plane. Thank you for your time. - Susan

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  1. Clarine "Skipp" AndresenApril 11, 2016 at 11:45 PM

    After doing more research, I have found that Red Jackson did indeed fly with Freddie Lund. In the winter of 1929 - 30, Jackson, Lund, and LeRoy McGregor formed a flying circus stunt team and became known as the "three flying fools". Lund died in Oct 1931, a few months before Jackson was killed.


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