Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scaled Down Treasures of the Flying Kind

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I think my friend Robert Toliver knows every antique store in the state of Texas; particularly if it has any old airplane memorabilia. Last week I followed Robert's suggestion and looked up a store in downtown San Angelo, Texas. Sure-enough... his lead was right on. There in the Eggemyers General Store of antiques and collectibles were several gorgeous model airplanes. They were everywhere... and they were detailed and authentic. My only regret was that I arrived just 5 minutes before closing time. So, with the owner's permission to snap just a few photos, I snapped what I could. So... until I have a chance to go back again sometime, I wanted to share these here.

HOWARD DGA-6 "Comanche Red"
As you enter Eggemeyers Store, you are met by this beautiful airplane.

The real Howard DGA-6 reg. no. NX273Y was never painted with the Comanche Red logo. It was in fact the famed 1935 Bendix Trophy Race Champion airplane Dubbed "Mr. Mulligan".

Try these Links for more on the Howard DGA-6...



Wright-Bellanca WB-2 (NX237) "Miss Columbia"
This detailed model sits near the back of the store.

Curtiss RC3 Racer - Winner of 1925 Schneider Trophy Race

Bleriot XI - first to fly across the Engligh Channel, July 25, 1909

In my brief discussion with the store owner about these wonderful replica models, I learned that the original model builder is a man who prefers not to be identified. He is in poor health and does not wish to be contacted. Obviously a man of great humility, he has left his mark and is content to let the beauty of these airplanes speak for themselves. From what I gathered, these airplanes are not for sale. So... if you ever travel through San Angelo, Texas.. look up....


  1. Terry,
    These are great! I'm so glad you shared them. I had no idea you have a blog, so I'll have to check in now and then. And aren't we lucky to have our friend Robert to point us in the right direction! Take care and tell your Mom hi for me.
    Tracey (Mahon) Elliott

  2. Hi Terry, thanks for visiting my blog and to tell me about your father's efforts for the vintage at Sunport! Your blogs are fascinating and I look forward to reading your previous posts as well. Nice work, good pictures! Cheers..happy landings.


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