Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mystery Planes of the Twenties

This blog post has 7 pictures of some pretty rare airplanes. I thought it might be fun to share these with my antique airplane friends and challenge them to identify each one. In a few weeks I will post the answers to these. So, if you know any of them... send me a comment and I will give full credit to the ones sending the first correct answer to each one. So give it your best shot and send me your comment! (click on "comment" at the end of this post.)

#1 You'll be surprised by the date this hot little monoplane was built. Ever since I was a kid it has always been a fun challenge to name every airplane I see. Even now, I still do it with every TV show or other time I see any airplane. My wife gets so tired of me doing this. I just can't help it, I am an airplane fanatic!. Some people do this with cars. Not me. I have a feeling I am not the only airplane nut who does this

My quest to learn all the old airplanes goes back to the days when I always tagged along with Dad on his antique airplane adventures. Dad taught me that a lot of airplanes can be quickly identified by the shape of their tail. He could usually stump me. So it made me work even harder at it. Some time in my early teens, he bought a complete set of the U.S. Civil Aircraft books by Joseph Juptner. Wow... these were awesome. Literally every make and model that was ever certified by the CAA from 1927 through the 1950's was in those books. I really enjoyed learning from those books.

I hope those who read this have fun with it. To be honest, most of these stumped me.

#2 Pretty sleek for its day.#3 There's actually six airplanes here and some are more recognizable than others see if you can name them all from left to right.
#4 I would love to see one of these now!
#5 This one is tough!
#6 There's a clue on the tail.
#7 Be careful, It might not be what you think it is!

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I will post the anwers soon!

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