Saturday, September 11, 2010

Curtiss F6C-4 Restoration for Marine Corps Museum

Here's Part 2 of our friend, Mark Julicher's, reports on the refurbishment of this Curtiss F6C-4 in San Antonio. What a great airplane!

Terry... How many times I would like to have had these! The wooden charging handles go to a .30 cal on the left and a .50 cal on the right. The perforated bins are ammo boxes. Tail feathers went on on Tuesday. Slow deliberate progress here. The under-slung aux tank is wobble-pumped up into what looks like a 40 gallon main tank just behind the firewall. LOTS of empty airspace between engine and firewall. I was not the artist. The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor - must have the bird looking forward on both sides of the fuselage!.... Mark

Too bad this bird won't fly - she's headed to the National Museum of the Marine Corps for static display.

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