Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little help from my Texas T-craft Friends.

Deep in the Heart of Texas, there are some really fine, deep-hearted T-craft Texans who made my day this past Saturday! Thanks to Mark Julicher, Doc Hecker, and Buell Powell, the mountain of discrepancies on N95598 have now been reduced to a small molehill of squawks. So, as soon as my TAX refund comes in, I will be looking for a good metal prop and I'll be back in business.

Sometimes life circumstances tend to keep you from accomplishing some of the things you wish for. Somehow, Mark insightfully picked up on this in my regard. So he rallied the troops for this special effort and these great guys gave up their Saturday to lend me a hand to go through my airplane. I can't thank them enough. This has been needed for several years and I have just not had the time to get everything done on my own.

We were especially proud of our floor jack system.

The results are clear... We had a great time, built some great memories, and best of all... solidified friendships that I know will last for a long time. There's nothing like having three guys who love Taylorcrafts pouring out their TLC all over your airplane. Mark, Doc, Buell.... you guys ROCK!

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