Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dad's Toys from the Attic

Recently, my wife and I pulled Dad's old toys out of storage. Saved first in the attic of our Grandparent's homestead, and later moved to the attic of Dad's hangar at Deer Pasture Airfield, these items date back to the mid and late 1930's. These toys, along with a few family photos are all we have left to remind my siblings and me of our Father's youth. My siblings and I are now deciding what to do with these interesting relics. They're possibly worth some monetary value to some folks. But this is nothing compared to the sentimental value for us. Some probably will end up on the knick-knack shelves of our homes for us to admire occasionally in memory of Dad. The Texas heat has gotten the best of some of them, broken down and so badly deteriorated that they are literally turning to dust. And so, it seemed to me that the best way to save and hold on to these simple items was to capture them in pictures.

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They give us just a glimpse into a time in our Dad's life, long before we knew him... when he was just a boy. There is no doubt that Dad's love for airplanes had started at a very young age. And one other thing is clear... Dad and his sister (our beloved Aunt Janice) were hard on their toys. Each one is broken in some way, showing they were well used. There's not much else to say about them. It's fun just to look at them and try to imagine our Dad playing and enjoying them as a little boy.

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