Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In the pages that follow, you will find a hodge-podge collection of photos and information that I collected over the years, with the greatest of intentions, to someday publish some articles, books, or perhaps a few short stories about aviation history. Though a few of these records have not been published before, a majority of them have. Still, I collected this stuff anyway because it was fascinating to me. Perhaps there’s not much here of interest to others, but I have enjoyed finding and assembling these items into a semi-organized mess. I don't see a book happening any time soon. So, I hope you'll enjoy these scrapbooks in the mean time....Terry

Vol. 1 No. 1

The Complete Story of

Parks Aircraft, Inc.

This document contains more than 40 pages of Scrapbook material and the original 13-page manuscript called, “The Complete Story of Parks Aircraft, Inc.”, written by Terry Bowden. A polished 7-page version of this work became published in “Vintage Airplane Magazine”, December 1991.

© 2011 by Terry L. Bowden

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