Friday, June 24, 2011

Curtiss Robin Page - July 2011 Feature Robin

Barnstmr is pleased to announce the addition of a new Curtiss Robin Page on Barnstmr's Random Aeronautics web-log. We have added it as a new "tab" at the top of this site. We hope you will visit this page often to see what's going on in the Curtiss Robin world.

Feature Robin s/n 393 - July 2011

Al Holloway, Quincy, CA recently sent me some nice photos of his Curtiss Robin B rebuild project. Al, founder of Holloway Engineering, is a noted restorer of old airplanes and even more recognized for his engine overhaul expertise. These photos illustrate the outstanding work he is doing to preserve his OX-5 powered Robin s/n 393. This Robin was originally registered as NC45H, but is currently showing on the FAA registry as NC127H. I asked Al to help me out with a writeup and he promised to do so. But that was over a month ago. I am sure he is busy working on the Robin. And besides, these photos say all that needs to be said about Al's beautiful craftsmanship. Click on the images to see the enlarged size picture.

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