Thursday, May 29, 2014

This day in Aviation History - May 29, 1929

Here's a short memory from the past to ponder this day, May 29, 2014.  Today is the 85th anniversary of the Gardner Trophy Air Race finals - May 29, 1929. 

What a day it would have been on that "Memorial Day" to see the sights and sounds of these interesting Air Race planes and to talk with the colorful people who made this day happen.

"Speed" Holman talks with mechanic "Doc" Kincaid

Read all about the Gardner Trophy Air Races here

Travel Air Pilot, Sydnor Hall
Holman's Laird

John P. Wood in his highly modified Waco Clipped/Taperwing
R.S. LeRoy in his Axelson Powered Cessna AF

Earl Rowland who raced the Cessna CM-1

Cessna DC-6A (Curtiss R-600 Engine) flown by Stanley T. Stanton

Art Davis' Taperwing Waco

J.P. Wood's Clipped Taperwing Waco

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