Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Central Texas (Taildragger) Fly-In

  Formerly known as the Central Texas Taylorcraft Fly-In... this year, we merged forces with the folks from the Cessna 120/140 association.  We also invited Champs, Cubs, and Stinsons.  The result was a good time in spite of some unstable weather conditions on Friday, Saturday morning, and Sunday.  As always, the crew at the Old Fort Parker Historic site and Fort Parker Flying Field were extra hospitable.  The food was great, the people were awesome.  Here are a few fun photos from this year's event.

Field Manager Darius Farmer proudly displays his custom Hand Washing Station

Uhhhmm... well it was all a big mixup and misunderstanding.

Mid morning lineup on Saturday.

The McGregor HS Howling Dogs Jazz Band entertained us under the Oak Trees.

Overhead view of the flying field and the old fort.

Sarah McReynolds is always a gracious host at the Old Fort.

View on short final coming over the trees to land on Runway 17.


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