Monday, August 8, 2011

Dick Fischer's Curtiss Robin J-1

Another Robin is coming along in Southern California, being restored by Dick Fischer - Curtiss Robin J-1, NC517N. He's the guy famous for building copy-sets of the 28X4 and 30X5 Bendix wheels as used on Curtiss Robins and many other antique airplanes. Dick sent me these photos awhile back (maybe 2 years ago) and exclaimed he had just finished building his Exhaust collector from scratch. Looks like a great job, Dick. Although I haven't had a recent update from Dick on his Robin, I thought this might encourage him to send us some more current details. These photos leave little doubt about Dick's workmanship. It will be great to see this old bird in the air again soon!

By the way, Dick also owns another Robin, NC5049, a model B. Here's a photo of that bird from its earliest days.

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