Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Visit with Jerry Ferrel to see his Monocoupe

This past Saturday morning, my friend Jerry Ferrel called and invited me out to see his wonderful Monocoupe 90A, NC 11767. Jerry is 84 years old. His airplane is 76! But both are in great shape. Jerry hasn't flown the 'coupe since June this year. "Its just been to 'blame' Hot!", he exclaims! And he's right. Certainly this summer has been brutal in Texas. Its good that Jerry has a nice insulated hangar to keep his bird protected from the weather. He'll not make it to Blakesburg this year but hopes to keep flying around Central Texas this fall. Here are some photos of NC11767.

This is another one of those Central Texas airplanes restored in the mid-1980's by Stuart Holmes. Jerry has sure kept 'er in great condition.


  1. It's sure a Beauty.

  2. Thank you for putting this up. My name is Clint Bedsole. Jerry is my grandfather. The Monocoupe was one of the first planes I actually flew (Im a licensed pilot now) with my grandfather.


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