Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Blog Features

Announcing new features on our blog...

Barnstmr's Random Apparel
We thought it might be fun to combine some of the memorable images from this blog with my wife's hobby-business called "Stitchin'-N-Stuff". Check out the Apparel page above to see our new screen-print T-shirt designs for the Fall of 2011. You can be one of the first to get one via pay pal or see us at Blakesburg - Sept 1, 2011.

Barnstmr's Random Aeromail
Sign up today for our new E-newsletter called "Barnstmr's Random Aeromail". We promise this won't flood your in-box with endless information. Instead, we hope this will be a way for you to stay in touch with whats happening on our blog.

Since 2008, we have enjoyed sharing stories, photos, and information through this medium. While it is somewhat random, we really do try and stay focused on a specific time-frame and narrow list of topics pertaining to the world of vintage airplanes. Some call it the "golden age" or others call it "civilian aviation of the '20's & '30's". Whatever it is called it is a most special period of aviation history in our opinion. If you agree and wish to stay in the loop, give our newsletter a try. Click below.

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