Monday, May 21, 2012

Out and About

Flier Teresa Sloan reported via Facebook that Richard Pingrey had his Curtiss Robin J-1 out and about over the past weekend at Ellensburg, Washington.  Great to display the old Robin at a local fund raiser pancake breakfast for EAA and AHP scholarship fund.

"Wheezie" at the breakfast.
What a beautiful bird under the bright blue skies of Washington State!  We hope to hear more from Richard soon....  unfortunately, it seems there was a slight setback after the pancake breakfast.

See facebook updates...

All is well that ends well minimum damage, mostly to landing gear. Pilot unhurt. Fifteen friends later she is resting in her hangar awaiting repairs.

  Teresa Sloan Won't know (what happened) until they tearr down engine. Suspect she swallowed a valve. 
    • Teresa Sloan Gear was a mess and prop bent but wings and fuselage ok.
    •  Teresa Sloan Not my plane. Its the 1929 curtis robin. The owner was flying. He shut down the engine due to smoke so it wasnt under power when the prop hit, so hopefully no damage to crankshaft. 
    • Terry Bowden Glad Nobody got hurt. This scene looks familiar... similar incident in 1993 with Dad's Robin. Send our best wishes for quick repairs.
      Teresa Sloan Yeah pretty scary. He had a friend circling overhead. She stopped breathing until she saw him get out of the plane and wave.

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