Friday, May 4, 2012

More on the 2012 Central Texas Taylorcraft Fly-in

The following is a guest post from my friend Doug Ratchford, which I asked him for and then after he provided it, I got busy and neglected to post it until now.  Doug did a nice writeup on the 2012 Central Texas Taylorcraft Fly-in held March 30-31 at Fort Parker Flying Field, in Groesbeck, TX. He has also provided some really nice photos he took himself. My apologies to Doug in dragging my feet to get this published.  But I think the readers will agree it was worth the wait. Thanks Doug and nice work! Terry

Tail Logo from NC22207 photo by Doug Ratchford

    I had a real good time with some fine people last weekend.  Terry and I finally met face to face, Doc and I had met before at a warbird event and there were a couple of more folks I'd crossed paths with at a fly-in last fall, so vintage av is still a small world.   This is my first guest post on anyone's blog so thanks for the invitation to do so Terry and I hope y'all don't mind me rambling a bit.
    My sum total Taylorcraft experience prior to this was seeing my father in law's and uncle's 1942 DC-65 fly around the patch once about fourteen years ago in Wisconsin.(7878Charlie is now in the Denver area)  Other than the Piper connection, I was pretty clueless.   After close to a decade in warbirds I've gotten more and more involved in the vintage club/type fly-ins and really like the experience.  I'm not giving up my B-17 gig but I've really gotten to like the family atmosphere of club fly-ins.  Being an avid photographer too, it's easier to get close ups of vintage GA aircraft than of a warbird several hundred yards away. Not to mention easier to catch a buddy ride.
  Saturday I heard the comment that looking at a lineup of the same model, they all look alike at a glance but upon closer examination, there are boucoup differences.  "Like they never built the same thing twice."  Sounds like Wacos....hmm..
  I was hoping to get some dawn pix Sat. since the a/c were facing east but it got pretty froggy early on. No problem-muted early light with everything all drippy makes good photo ops too.
 Blue skies and tailwinds until the next event,
Doug "Ratch" Ratchford,  Brenham, Tx.
      member-Lone Star Flight Museum & National Waco Club

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