Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Air Fair - Pioneer Flight Museum

Here is another few photos from my friend Doug Ratchford, who attended the April 28th gathering at Kingsbury Aerodrome.

Hey Terry,
Last weekend I went out to Pioneer Flight Museum at Old Kingsbury for their spring air
fair. I had a great time, saw several friends and made many new ones. I had so much fun I
decided to join and have already signed up for a get dirty project on some old (and I mean OLD)
display engines.
Several late model Cessnas flew in, a few Vans , two Stearmans and a really pretty Cessna 195.
Also the Cessna Bird Dog with the big dog teeth and hanging tongue.
Don Price, CAF Gulf Coast Wing Leader arrived later in his PT-26 (editors note - Doug I think you meant PT-22) and I had a pleasant chat with him. PFM had all their Model T fleet and antique bikes out driving around the patch which was lots of fun. Lots of grinning kids.
Here's a few pix. Check out this prehistoric engine lineup. The fuse at left is a 1917
Thomas-Morse S4 "Tommy Scout". Engines are L-R Hisso 150, Lawrance, Salmson, 2 Gnomes,
LeRhone, Liberty, Hall-Scott and any Robin driver should recognize that thing on the far right.

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  1. Great pics and the engine display, a relatively new component that I am suggesting be moved nearer the pavilion because it was so cool, was awesome. There is a 45 hp Salmson in there that was slated to go in the Curtiss junior but it didn't want to start and as the aircraft was in Tennessee being finished it was decided to put in a more modern engine for reliability and ease of maintenance...:-( The Junior was normally built with the Zalsky Engine but three were made with Salmsons. All is not lost, I am trying to get interest in building a mock up of the first "Knight Twister of 1932 that flew with a Salmson...that way we would have an attractive place to hang the Salmson as well as generate interest in getting it going and who knows, a real replica of the Knight Twister might get some interest. As for the mock up, we need a little plane to take to paraded and events and the knight twister fits the biil, small and short, a midget biplane with only a 15' upper wingspan and a cool looking little plane. If the board does not go for it, I might build it myself as team vehicles has a real need for the aircraft.


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